The Process

FFB, a highly acclaimed and pre-eminent recruitment services provider, provides discerning manpower recruitment services to corporate bodies, across all sectors and set ups (big or small), for their manpower requirements, especially in Gulf, Middle East. We have been chosen by some the most reputed names from all across the globe, for fulfilling the requirement of a perfect candidate.

We work with our clients as partners and with our colleagues, as a team. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client's unique needs and business context, and are designed to ensure that clients get the best return on their HR investment. Using our deep local expertise to collaborate globally, our people serve clients around the world. This has earned us a reputation as a leading HR firm.

F.F.B. has a flexible approach and can work to specific requirements of particular projects / clients can also from and provide a complete team of workers and specialists, who can carry out common or specific tasks independently.

Recruitment Procedure


We execute an agency agreement with our clients, stating adequately the terms and conditions regarding manpower supply. After due signing and acceptance, the business starts.

a. Information Required

 The employing company has to provide us detailed job description and job profile,

 b. Evaluation of Personnel

 We refer to our existing network and receive immediate feedback on the availability of the required personnel. In order to widen our choice or to locate persons to meet your precise specifications, we also advertise in the media or if needed, resort to headhunt.

We scrutinize the resumes/bio-data's received and shortlist the candidates based on merit and then invite them for an interview. The final short-listed resumes / bio-data's are dispatched to the employer for his final selection.

c. The Selection Options

To make the final selections we offer the following options for consideration by the client.

i.The entire selection procedure is left to FFB, where a team of professional / experts will take on the full responsibility of providing you the best work force as per your job specifications.


ii.In case the principal employer wishes to carry out the selection through his team of experts, we welcome the clients. We shall provide all assistance in carrying out trade test / interview and associated amenities


d. Follow up

We follow up with selected candidates for pre-departure formalities, so that they can proceed to work promptly. Their medical checkup, processing of travel documents, immigration formalities and air tickets are also taken care of.

e. Feedback from Client

We keep in contact with the client even later to get a feedback and endeavor to improve our system to give even better service in the future.

In accordance with the requirement of a specific project, we can form a complete team of workers and specialists who can carry our common or special tasks independently.                

Local supply

 We can supply local manpower as per your requirement and we take care of their needs (transport, accommodation, food and other things).

Camp setting and Accommodation


We can provide complete management support for all your base camp needs, even under the most severe and hostile conditions and environments. FFB utilizes a multinational labor force to meet project needs.  This provides regional expertise and local flavor from meals to management. 

 We actively seek your feedback and comments on our customer service provision. Please contact us if you would like to discuss our customer service.

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