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Years of Experience: 10 years
1.   Project Manager

v  Involve with planning, controlling, monitoring, managing and directing the assigned Contract resources to best meet Contract objectives.

v  Control and monitor Contract scope, time, cost and quality in managing Contract requirements.

v  Direct lump sum/Contract activities and manage all field operations.

v   Have overall day to day responsibility of the works.

v  Monitor and manage the project schedule and project risk and the project conflicts. Track milestones and deliverables.

v  Attending client meetings with necessary documents and implement necessary changes per the latest decisions.

v  Monitor the status of availability of all materials, manpower and construction equipment and take all necessary measure to facilitate development of the work in accordance with the contract

v  Effectively utilizes each team member to his fullest potential. Mitigates team conflict and communication problems. Delegate’s task and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.

v  Preparation of subcontracts, issue of all subcontract procedures including safety and security plans and procedures. Providing documents to company for the Qualification of subcontractors.

v  Qualification must be Bachelor Degree (Mechanical) with minimum 15 years' experience in Oil & Gas sector.

v  Must have Gulf Experience

v  Must have supervisory capability to direct the EPC Projects facility.

v  Must can make quick, sound decisions.

v  Organize implementation of various safety recommendations for Safety, Health & Environment of his employees working under the Contract.

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